All FakeCo employees take an oath to be responsible for themselves.

What does this mean?

  • It means that when times are tough, we are responsible for addressing our own challenges, without waiting for someone to fix it for us.
  • It means that when we need something, we find it or make it.
  • It means that no one else defines our value or our worth.
  • It means that when we err, we practice mustering the strength to own up, learn our lesson, and right the wrongs, because these things are ultimately far more beneficial to us than souring situations with blame.

It’s a concept that we believe the world desperately needs more of.

Who’s going to fix it

Lots of us are unemployed or underemployed, or unhappily employed.

Lots of us are waiting for someone to fix it for us.

The problem, however, is that this is disempowering. Waiting leads to stagnation, fear, hatred, vulnerability.

Therefore, we must practice telling ourselves the following truths:

The government isn’t going to fix it for us.

Employers aren’t going to fix it for us.

Tech startups aren’t going to fix it for us.

We’re going to fix it for us.

How? By deciding that we have value to contribute to this world, and learning how to contribute it.

Boulder Branch Mandatory All-Hands Meeting: February 16

Dear non-employee,

Please join us for a mandatory* all-hands meeting to discuss our fictional company and also to hang out and do some work. There may or may not be games and live music.

Friends are welcome; standard referral fees** will be distributed for all confirmed matriculated new team members you refer.

Please refer to your local department head for all questions.

Keep paradigm-ing!
Lead Evangelist & Boulder Regional Coordinator

* All mandatory meetings are entirely optional.
** This fee is currently set at the rate of one emphatic high-five.